"I love to grow              my own food,                        prepare it,                   and enjoy it" 

There is something fundamentally satisfying and primal in growing your own food. The enjoyment in sowing a seed, watching it grow, and preparing it into a tasty dish provides a sense of creativity, achievement and importantly, knowing exactly what's in the food that you eat.


About Lilli-Marlene Clemens

Gastrointestinal health is paramount to optimal health?                                                                                    

I am fascinated how the digestive system is in control of our health and  how poor digestive function can manifest into myriad disorders of the human body. 

My current research focus is on gut health and how nutrients affect gut physiology. I belief that optimal nutrition and digestive function  are the cornerstone of human health and disease prevention. In addition I also have interests in hepatic function, which plays a pivotal role in digestive health.

My clinical experience has accumulated from two busy multi modality clinics on the Gold Coast and for the last 14 years I have worked as a lecturer and clinic supervisor at Endeavour College of Natural Health.

I graduated with a bachelor of Naturopathy in 2004, followed by further post graduate studies in Nutrition Medicine with RMIT, Public Health with Curtin University and finalised my Masters degree in Human Nutrition with Deakin University in 2017. In addition, I also hold a graduate certificate in Higher Education with the University of Queensland and a full Instructor Pilates Instructor certificate from Pilates International, which I obtained in 2004.

I am a current member of the Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA) and Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA)

Masters Hum.Nut. (Clinical Nutrition),                                                                       Grad.Cert.Nut.Med. (Nutrition Medicine),                                                             Grad.Dip.PublicHealth,                                                                                                   Grad.Cert.Higher Edu. (Lecturer),                                                 Full.Cert.Pilates Method Instructor

What got me excited about Nutrition

I grew up in a self sufficient environment on a large property in the Clarence valley NSW in the 70's and 80's. My parents where pioneers, settling in a new country far out in the bush where every challenge faced was energetically vanquished.  Home grown produce was the staple including meat, eggs, milk, butter and yoghurt, and a large garden of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. I grew up with a tomato in one had and a red onion in the other, munching away on both like they were apples. 

My first insight in the significance of nutrients and their impact on health was the purchase of a hundred head of Hereford cattle, sourced from the New England tablelands, which according to the locals do not thrive in the lowlands of the Clarence valley. Eight months later the cattle started to show symptoms of listlessness, and their glossy red coats turned yellow and matt.  

With true pioneering zest and the endless search of agricultural books from local libraries, my Dad speculated that the the soils in the low lands had a deficiency of cobalt and copper. The addition of these two minerals, supplemented in the animals drinking water was successful and proved to be a pioneering trend for Hereford cattle in the lowlands. 

I was only eleven years old then, but the experience how a single nutrient can have such a profound effect on health left  a lasting impression on me, which later drove me to study nutrition and herbal medicine.